Hello! My name is Danielle. 

For all you weary closet warriors, organizing wizards, and decluttering samurais: Have you attempted this whole Marie Kondo method but fall off the wagon or gotten lost in the Jungle of Stuff? Me too! But I've kept hacking and slashing my way through and I've got some tips and tricks for you. Maybe even a little philosophy.

I will show you how to declutter the Marie Kondo way (in reality)!

I'll show you how I'm getting through the Magical Art of Tidying Up. I'll break down how I understand things like that whole "What brings you joy?" thing, where do you even start with kimono, and then some.

The KonMari method is indeed magical-sounding, but we all have lives. The reality is we still come home, cook dinner, get dressed, bathe, sleep, go to work, go to school, take care of kids or family. All things that inevitably cause clutter and create dirty piles of dishes and laundry - and that's even after you've fully Kondo'd.

I have two bowls and two plates in my kitchen, and yet there are always dishes to be done!

So what gives? I may not do things precisely how Marie would, but that's why this is the Marie Kondo way for the rest of us.

We KonDo It!!!